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Hydraulic Tank


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A Quick tank stores, cools and filters oil. Its capacity depends on the total flow rate of the system that depends on how many devices are provided (and which must be used at the same time). Typically a litre capacity equal to the capacity of the pump at work rpm is chosen (Pump displacement for RPM).
  • Fully made of AISI316 stainless steel
  • White painted
  • Sea water oil exchanger pre-assembled
  • Return filter pre-assembled
  • Thermal protection
  • Low oil level protection
  • Can be fixed with brackets to the ground
The distributor replaces traditional solenoid valves and is fitted on the tank (to be able to pre-assemble some lines). The flow and pressure for each line can be controlled independently from the input ones. The result is that devices with quite different flow and pressure requirements can be connected to the same system (e.g. thrusters and windlasses). As standard there is an interface forLoad Sensing pumps. Each ‘module’ that makes up the distributor has an emergency manual control.
  • Marine cast iron
  • Proportional or ON/OFF
  • Modular (even after purchase)
  • Load Sensing
  • Fully configurable for pressure and flow rate (regardless of the input ones)
  • Emergency manual control