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Nautic boiler BK2

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Nautic boiler BK2
  • The heat exchanger used for Quick "Nautic Boiler BK” is AISI 316 stainless steel. The heat exchange capacity is notably higher than that achieved from other manufacturers.
  • The tank is made in AISI 316 stainless steel welded with Argon shielding gas and hence highly resistant to corrosive agents.
  • The electrical heating element is made of Incoloy®
  • The thermal insulation is high thickness polyurethane foam injected between the cover and tank giving excellent heat retention properties.
Casing in PVC and composite material and Tank in 316 Aisi stainless steel
  • High quality materials
  • Heat exchanger with wide exchange surface
  • Produces hot water from the electric element, that is fitted with an adjustable safety bi-thermostat
  • Relief / non-return vale that allows discharging of the water heater in case of disuse
  • Temperatute control panel
  • Adjustable levelling feet