Quick SpA - Il gruppo

The Group

The NUMBERS: 1 Headquarters, 2 foreign offices, more than 200 employees

Quick Spa, international leader in the production of nautical equipment, designs, produces and engineeres all its products in the Italian Headquarter in Ravenna.

Quick SpA - About US

About us

SINCE 1982

In 1982 Michele Marzucco, together with his business partner Alfonso Peduto, started his experience in the nautical sector at the Comar shipyard, which was renewed for Comet products. Very quickly the two business partners, driven by a great entrepreneurial spirit, founded a small company called PM Marina which was specialized in sales, installation and after-sales management of marine electronics, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and electrical systems.

Quick SpA - About US

Products range

Quick Spa offers different product ranges thanks to the great experience and important acquisitions that allowed increasing its portfolio and know-how during the years.
After the introduction of its first windlass called Aries, Quick Spa developed relationships with different companies, first of all Nautic Boiler, the Italian branch of Atwood acquired in 1998.

Quick SpA - La produzione - Made in Italy



Made in Italy
All our products are entirely designed, produced, assembled and tested in our operational Headquarters in Italy.
To ensure the highest performance, all products are well-finished, allowing us to propose increasingly competitive solutions.
Quick Spa
is an Italian leader company known and respected all over the world thanks to materials’ qualities, products’ certification and a timely response to customer’ needs.
The handmade production is characterized by high automation and speed of process, guaranteeing reduction of errors and waste with a constant attention to sustainability.

Quick SpA - I nostri valori - Close ti You, everywhere

Our values


Our production is closely related to our international vocation. "Close to you, everywhere" is the promise that Quick Spa makes to its customers: products can be found wherever the client is, as well as the service network guarantees a worldwide support.Innovation, Assistance and Collaboration are the pillars of an Italian company able to produce over 750,000 products in a year, exporting them in 110 countries with 80 distributors.