Quick Spa has developed new integrated systems for motorboats and sailing boats as an evolution of simple stand-alone units.

The key word is functionality.

The synergy combines different technologies and products offering perfectly integrated systems.

QNN - Quick Nautical Network

QNN - Quick Nautical Network allows you to control Quick Systems on all the latest-generation of navigation panels.
The QNN - Quick Nautical Network is an innovative device, which allows the integration of Quick systems with navigation systems.
The QNN - Quick Nautical Network is a gateway, able to receive all of the different protocols used by Quick devices (e.g. thrusters, battery chargers, windlasses, MC² Quick Gyros, lights and so on), and convert them into the HTML5 protocol to be integrated with all the new generation chart plotters on the market. 

QNN - Quick Nautical Network
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Thanks to the plug & play connection system that is easily installed, the calibrations made on the Quick products systems or on the chart plotter are automatically shared between the two systems (Quick and chart plotter).
As long as the user has a new generation chart plotter compatible with HTML5, they will only need to connect the chart plotter to the QNN and to the Quick products systems.

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The PCS or proportional control system is the first integrated system designed by Quick: it offers at the same time an electric and electronic integrated system.

What is PCS? Proportional Control System is a complete system, based on CAN BUS network, which integrates both thrusters and windlasses control stations. It also has monitoring, protection and diagnostic functions.

Thanks to the addition of electronic components, besides a smart control of thrusters and windlasses, it is also possible to access easily all information, which are gathered and showed on one or more high tech displays.

Lastly, thanks to different gateways, PCS is able to interface with AC, DC and hydraulic thrusters so that to they can be controlled in a proportional manner.

PCS is supported by an advanced wiring network as in the aeronautic and automotive sector.

So far, studies about electric and electronic systems of pleasure boats have concerned single applications and not the whole system functionality. As a result, the devices assembled on board often interfered with each other.

Ferretti Yachts 670

Integrated thruster system on Ferretti Yachts 670

We have created an ad hoc system for both maneuvering and controlling operations in order to meet the needs of the renowned shipyard.

Thanks to our system realized for the first time for a brushless DC-AC thruster, we managed to integrate an external device by using a connection gateway with OEM network.

Ferretti started to install DC AC thrusters exploiting PCS on its F670N. There are 3 control stations: cockpit, flying bridge e pilot bridge.

In the pilot bridge a DTW monitor has been installed with the aim of controlling and programming the whole system. Moreover, Ferretti decided to set-up the OEM gateway in order to have other tools interconnected. OEM gateway allows the control joystick to communicate with PCS for a better steering of the boat.


Quick offers integrated hydraulic systems conceived according to a main management direction.
What are the available components? The range is very wide:  tanks, control valves, hydraulic pumps, maneuver propellers, windlasses and PCS controls for proportional control system.

The wide range includes also all those components needed for the installation of the hydraulic system and all accessories that ensure a complete products integration

A Hydraulic system transfers power via pressurized fluid. The fluid used is oil (specific for hydraulic system) whose main feature is to be incompressible. The different components are interconnected by high-pressure pipes.

What are the main advantages that a hydraulic system offers on board?

  • Proportionality, that is the possibility to control devices in a proportional way, managing the amount of power delivered via a joystick;
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Customization: devices can be added or modified without the need to change the system, devices with different characteristics can be connected
  • Continuous service
  • Reduced dimensions and weight
  • Minimum maintenance


Many accessories and components complete the anchoring system with anchors, bow and stern rollers, anchor rode and a wide range of remote controls and devices for the connection.
The Quick range of windlasses and capstans offers an extensive selection of products designed to equip boats from 5m to 70m.

Quick allows to expand the equipment with many other products such as anchor-rode, the connection system between anchor and boat; the hand-held remote control, designed for remote operation of various on-board electrically equipment and chain counter, an instrument to maneuver from a distance the windlass and control the length of the chain lowered through the LCD display graphic.