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HSI Inverter

This product includes 10 models. Click on the following model buttons to read the features.

HSI Inverter
  • Pure sine wave
  • High efficiency
  • Small dimension and light weight due to high frequency switching conversion
  • Full output power operating at high ambient temperature
  • High output peak power (200% of nominal value for 1s)
  • Low power mode (LPM) to save batteries in case of no load condition
  • Configurable output voltage and frequency (by CAN bus interface)
  • AC bypass mode with external AC input (Only in models up to 1600VA)
  • Parallel operation mode (only for HSI1220, HSI2420, HSI2425, HSI2430 models)
  • CAN bus interface for control and monitoring functions
  • Variable speed for the cooling fans
  • Friendly user interface
  • Reverse Polarity (by fuse), Short circuit, overloading, output overvoltage and overheating protection.
Quick HSI inverters are devices which convert direct current (12 or 24V) in alternate current (230 V / 50 Hz), allowing the use onboard of any electrical device which is supplied by mains tension, such as coffee machine, hair-dryer or microwave oven. Quick HSI inverters, designed to provide the highest efficiency, are supplied with advanced communication functions which allow to monitor the power consumption of the connected devices.