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Hydraulic pumps

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Hydraulic pumps
For information on available models please contact Quick's sales department.

The hydraulic pump is a mechanical device that generates an oil flow rate upon rotating (according to its displacement and operating RPMs) at a specified pressure. Internally, they consist of 5 or 7 pistons that upon turning create a difference in volume, thus generating a fluid displacement (oil).
All the pumps supplied by Quick have pistons, variable displacement and load sensing.
To deliver power a pump has to be connected to a motor or a PTO that makes the axis rotate and provides sufficient power and torque to enable its operation.

Main characteristics
  • Marine painted cast iron
  • Different displacements (from 30 cc to 147 cc)
  • Variable displacement
  • With pistons
  • Load Sensing: this technology, using only materials supplied by Quick, delivers only the power required, thus optimising efficiency and fuel consumption.


One or several pumps can be fitted (to divide power load and to have a second pump in case one of them fails). In principle, there are 2 fitting types on the boat:
  • Fitting on PTO (Power Take Off)
    Depending on the type of pump, a pump can be directly fitted on a PTO (SAE A, B and C). Pump adaptation on the PTO must be assessed according to the PTO brand and model.
  • Fitting on an AC motor
    If there is not a PTO on thermal engines, the pump can be fitted on a three-phase AC motor (power pack). The power of the AC motor is assessed according to the type of system to be built.
Pumps are available in various flange arrangements and directions of rotation (clockwise or anticlockwise); it is important to work out where they will be fitted and on what type of flanging.