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QNN - Quick Nautical Network

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QNN - Quick Nautical Network allows you to control Quick Systems on all the latest-generation of navigation panels.

The QNN - Quick Nautical Network is an innovative device, which allows the integration of Quick systems with navigation systems.
The QNN - Quick Nautical Network is a gateway, able to receive all of the different protocols used by Quick devices (e.g. thrusters, battery chargers, windlasses, MC² Quick Gyros, lights and so on), and convert them into the HTML5 protocol to be integrated with all the new generation chart plotters on the market. 

Thanks to the plug & play connection system that is easily installed, the calibrations made on the Quick products systems or on the chart plotter are automatically shared between the two systems (Quick and chart plotter).
As long as the user has a new generation chart plotter compatible* with HTML5, they will only need to connect the chart plotter to the QNN and to the Quick products systems.



QNN - Interface

The QNN system is compatible with all the latest generation chart plotters. The graphic interface is simple and intuitive; the sections that communicate with the Quick systems can be accessed via the links available on the QNN Home Page:
- Anchoring systems (QNC CHC e PCS)
- Thruster systems (PCS)
- Stabilizers (MC2 Quick Gyro)
- Battery charger (NRG+)
- Sine wave inverter (HSI)
- Illumination
QNN - Quick Nautical Network offers practicality and comfort in the management of Quick products installed on board. Checking the status of the battery chargers and stabilizers or managing the lighting of certain areas becomes easier and quicker, just like manoeuvring on the quay or raising the anchor from the same location.
The connection of the different systems takes place through simple devices that can be easily connected to the QNN Gateway (plug&play)