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This product includes 4 models. Click on the following model buttons to read the features.

  • Horizontal windlasses
  • Maximum flexibility of installation
  • AISI 316 Stainless steel and chromed bronze
  • Integrated sensor and magnet for
  • chain counter
  • Rope and chain on a single gypsy
  • Automatic system of anchor-rode free-fall
  • Supplied with chain guide device
  • Supplied with pressure lever
  • Right gypsy fitted in a mounting bracket.
  • Watertight motor IP67 (IP66 BL3 600)
Balder FF is the ideal windlass to be installed at the stern thanks to the special mounting kit. However it also adapts perectly to any requirement and allows several combinations.
GYPSY 6 mm 8 mm - 5/16" 10 mm - 3/8"
CHAIN 6 mm 6 mm 8 mm 8 mm 5/16" 5/16" 10 mm 3/8"
DIN 766 ISO DIN 766 ISO G4 BBB ISO (P.30) G4

Supplied accessories standard

Mounting Bracket

Contactor units

Nylon handle
Models T6315-12 T6315-24  T6415-12  T6415-24
600 W     12 V 24 V
900 W 12 V 24 V    
1200W 12 V 24 V    
1500W 12 V 24 V    

The Automatic Stop kit allows you to automatically stop the anchor on its way up leaving it in its stowed position. The Automatic Stop is a simple system composed of a thru-hull fi tting equipped with a sensor and a composite shell, that is easily fi xed
to the leaded rope, equipped with magnets.
The rope will run freely until the magnets don’t get in contact with the sensor which again will automatically stop the motor by interrupting the electrical circuit.


safety stopper for chain

Thru-hull (T1-BL3)


Wall plate
Hydraulic magnetic
circuit breaker
UP/DOWN Switches handheld
remote control
  Radio remote